A Tackle, Capture and a Cardboard Box

by Jody Narantic on May 20, 2013

A few years ago we had baby duck eggs in the bushes along side our house and the neighbor’s house.

After we put a trail camera in the yard so I wouldn’t miss the hatching of the babies, this happened …

I was heartbroken .

And so was momma duck when she returned …

Then the following year, love is a battlefield happened in my very own front yard …

But I never found any eggs nearby that year.

Or last year.

And then this happened Saturday afternoon …

And I ran out of my house like a bat out of _____. (I watched The Bible)

For those of you unaware of what they’re doing, they’re looking for a place for her to lay her eggs. They’ve already mated. If they hadn’t they would be …

And had she laid her eggs already, her baby daddy wouldn’t be any where in sight. He runs off once she lays her eggs.

So they are looking for a special place for her to deliver.

And I’m not taking any chances this year.

After I ran out of my house like a bat out of ____ (I watched The Bible), I quickly opened my gate and threw out a trail of breadcrumbs leading to my yard.

And …


They bedded down and waddled around my yard for a good hour and a half.

But I haven’t seen them since.


And I’m hoping she comes back on her own. Because I’d hate to have to resort to Plan B …

Me and …

A tackle, capture and a cardboard box.

Have a great day all!

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1 Gretchen May 20, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Save the duckies!!!!! I’m going to build you a nesting box this winter – then Mama duck will have a safe place to raise her babies next year!


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