I’m Adopted and The Little Baby Gangster

by Jody Narantic on January 7, 2013

Remember when I wrote about The Hooterless Stepchild?

Well … 

Umm …

I’m adopted …

My 7 year old great niece got a mini iPad for Christmas. And let’s just say she is now my most popular texting friend.

So while I was laying around in my nice new king size bed on Saturday, I received a text from my niece asking what I was doing. We chatted back and forth and when I asked what she was doing she sent me this …

And I was all … Awe poor baby. She still looks sick.

(A couple of nights ago she and her baby sister were having an all night pukefest 2013. And so was my other great niece on the other side of town.)

So, I sent her what I was doing …

And please don’t judge.  I wasn’t feeling well myself. Which is why I was in bed.

And someone needs their hair brushed.

So then  …

And well …

And in the middle of my fun, my Mother interrupted with a text telling me what football teams were playing at what times.

So I sent my Mom this …

And my Mom said ..

Awe my sweet baby.

So then I sent her …

And my Mother said …

God you look dead.

Let us repeat what my own MOTHER said in slow motion …






Isn’t that nice?!?!?!

Coming from my so called birth Mother.

And being the grownup that I am …

I said …

Well, Addy looks like a lil gangster.

Have a good day all … Maybe one day I’ll find my real parents.


Another great outdoor blog from my friend Marian. When I started my blog in 2007, Marian was one of my first readers.

Marian’s Hunting Stories


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1 Ashley January 7, 2013 at 10:13 am

Lol I have always said this; Addy could be burning down Gram’s house and she would still say “awww my precious sweet baby” hahaha that’s her baby!!


2 Marian January 7, 2013 at 9:40 pm

Thanks so much for the shout out Jody! :) I mentioned to Rex at the camp this past weekend about us getting together and he agreed that it would be great to all meet one day. Hopefully, that will happen. I just gave you a shout out also on a link – Off To A Good Start! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! Keep up the great blogging that you do and I’m glad that some of us have stuck together through the years! Your friends always, Marian :)


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