KY Wildcats Basketball Fan by Guilt

by Jody Narantic on March 23, 2012

photo (73)Tonight is a huge college basketball game ~ Kentucky Wildcats vs. Indiana Hoosiers

If you’re not a fan of college basketball, no point in explaining.

If you’re a fan of college basketball, than you understand how exciting this game will be tonight. No point in explaining.

I’ve never been a college basketball fan until this year. My Mom and Dad are huge Kentucky fans being that they both grew up in Paducah, KY. Since my Dad passed away I started watching the games for my Mom so she’d have someone to talk KY basketball with.

Our normal game calls …

Mom: I can’t believe he missed those free throws.
Me: I know it. K Bye.

Me: Holy $hit did you see that shot.
Mom: Yes I did. Bye.

Mom: I can’t believe he missed that damn shot.
Me: MOTHER! Don’t cuss. K Bye.

Mom: #so and so is so good to his Mom. Did you know she … blah blah blah. (My Mom loves boys/men that are good to their mothers and she knows all sports gossip) (Just like town gossip)
Jody: No I didn’t. K Bye.

We talk that fast. And those 4 calls were all made within 5 minutes. We do that during games.

So the other night my Mom calls …

Mom: Who are you cheering for KY or IU Friday?
Me: Well … a lot of my friends are huge IU fans. And … well … I did grow up here. Probably IU. (Because I’ve been watching a lot of IU games as well)


Me: Hello?

I think I heard something.
I did hear something.

Me: OH MY GAWDDDD are you crying?
#1 KY Fan Me: I’ll cheer for Kentucky. K bye.

Thankfully I’ll be at my house while my Mother is at her house and I can cheer, scream and do a few herkie lerkie cheerleading jumps for IU without my Mom knowing. In my red spankies.

Game calls tonight:

Mom: I can’t believe IU made that 3 pointer.
Out of breath cheerleader that fell over the coffee table: Yea I know. WTH. IU sucks.

Have a good night all and I hope your team wins!  And Mother, if you’re reading this, I promise to have on my blue spankies.

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1 Linda Anderson March 23, 2012 at 10:08 pm

Just read this out loud to Mark at the half. Thanks for the laughs.

P.S. Mark insists that the announcers are rooting for KY. I am going to make him turn the tv down.


2 Jody Narantic March 26, 2012 at 3:42 pm

Linda, lol And I think Mark was right. It also seemed that way Sunday.


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