Why Are Corn Pellet Stoves Becoming So Popular?

As our environment becomes more endangered by pollutants, more people are beginning to assess what part they can play in correcting the harm already done. Bold campaigns are underway in many developed countries around the world to reduce the effects of our actions on the environment. One such campaign involves replacing traditional oil-driven processes with more environment-friendly options using renewable sources of energy. A fine example of that is the widespread use of corn pellet stoves as replacements for conventional fuel-burning stoves and furnaces.

Corn pellet stoves provide a more environment-friendly way of introducing heat to a home or office. These stoves look almost identical to wood pellet burning stoves on the outside, but use whole kernel shelled corn as the source of fuel. Corn pellet stoves are available across all 48 contiguous states of America, making them accessible to just about anybody, anywhere stove repair los angeles.

As mentioned before, the fuel for operating corn pellet stoves comes from whole kernel shelled corn, which is a renewable, reliable source of energy grown right across the United States. Farmers produce a constant supply of corn as the demand has grown significantly in recent years. Although a corn pellet stove is made to burn corn, most models can also burn wood, trash, rice, soya beans and seeds, making it the only stove that can derive energy from so many sources.

A corn pellet stove does not need a chimney in order to function. These stoves are simply vented outdoors by a pipe running through one of the external walls of the house. A blower which is part of the stove’s mechanism forces the air outdoors so no smoke gets inside the house. Corn also burns cleanly, so there is no smoke emerging from the pipe outdoors.

There is a small auger, or screw, in the corn pellet stove that slowly feeds the corn to the firepot. The speed of the auger is adjustable to control heat output; that is, the speed of the auger determines how much heat is released from the stove. There is an 85 lb capacity in the hopper where the corn is stored, so the pellet stove can run for several hours without needing to be refilled.

As the corn pellets are stirred by a metal stirring rod in the stove, they are ignited, resulting in combustion and subsequent heating of the home. The corn pellets can only be ignited as a result of the stirring motion, hence making corn pellet stoves a safer alternative to conventional fuel stoves that can ignite much easier. As soon as the stirring motion stops, the pellets are extinguished within seconds, once again making these stoves a very safe alternative to traditional fuel stoves and furnaces.

Corn pellet stoves are fast becoming a part of the average man’s contribution to the sustenance and repair of the environment. Not only are they safer for the environment, but they are more cost-effective and require only periodic maintenance, making them the ideal choice for heating the home.

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